Feast your eyes (and belly) on the healthier alternative to fast food!

We believe you donโ€™t need to sacrifice your health to get a quick, tasty meal. Thatโ€™s why we start with our unique soft and roll-able pita bread, then fill it with your choice of lean, grilled meats, fresh vegetables, flavorful cheeses, and savory sauces. Itโ€™s Fresh Thinking, Healthy Eating.

Nutritional Information | Allergen Guide
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Q:Need Pit Card Assistance?

A:Customers with point issues, lost cards, gift card balances or general technical issues please contact PIT Card Customer Live Support: 7AM-7PM EST, M -F 1-866-709-8058.

Q:Where can I find your Allergen Information?

A: Right here! Downloadable PDF

Q:Do you cater?

A: Yes! Our locations love to cater! As each Pita Pit is individually owned and operated please contact your local location.

Q:How do I start a franchise?

Q:How do I request sponsorship or donations?

A: For local events/donations please contact your area Pita Pit directly. For corporate level sponsorship/donations please submit your request here: Sponsorship/Donations Form.

Q:How do I submit a site to your Real Estate department?

A: Contact Graham Hanson at 208.765.3326